Our Mission

To be a trusted and transparent resource for the people of Southwest Florida, bringing together the diverse and collective voices of our community as we learn, develop, and enact solutions to protect our region.

Overcoming Barriers Together

The SWFL Climate & Community Initiative is focused on bringing together leaders, businesses, neighbors, and residents to understand what we can do today to can make a difference tomorrow.

An array of issues has led to changes in our weather, land, and waters. We believe that a combination of solutions will make a difference in securing a prosperous and healthy future for years to come. By joining together, we can protect our water. We can protect our land. We can protect our air, beaches, wildlife, neighborhoods, and lifestyle. By joining together, we can protect our paradise.

Partner Organizations

The SWFL Climate & Community Initiative was founded by concerned organizations and businesses who believe that our region needs to work together to address our climate challenges. With unrelenting passion and drive, these organizations are committed to educating, motivating, and uniting the people of Southwest Florida to find solutions and inspire actions that will preserve our shared environment, lifestyle, and economy.

Now is the
Time to Act

Take your first step towards caring for our way of life in Southwest Florida by subscribing to our communications. Learn more about opportunities for you and your community to enact solutions that lessen the impacts of climate change.


High-tide flooding is now 300% to more than 900% more frequent.


Food waste makes up 8% of US greenhouse gas emissions.


Coral reefs have declined by 50% since 1950's due to pollution, overfishing, and changes in climate.


A tree canopy can reduce temperatures by 10 degrees Fahrenheit.


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